Lars Natvik-MacDonald

About Me


I Put My Heart & Soul Into Every Meal

My name is Lars Natvik-MacDonald.

At the age of 14 I began my journey as a line cook in the culinary industry. Since then I have worked in a number of different restaurants learning skills from Chefs all around the world.

I am a loyal student to Japanese Cuisine and bring to the table my years of training.

Through my ventures I have learned so much. And now through my newest business venture I want to bring everything I have learned to the public.

The food I make will be a reflection of everything I have learned through my adventures as a young line cook. My style is truly original and unlike anything I have seen before.

The experience I offer is very inclusive and interactive for the guests. I love to tell the story behind all the food I make and bring to your table.

Any inquiries can be made through the contact information provided.

Bon Appetit


1st Course:

Crispy salmon, fish broth, pickled jalapeño, radish, curly green onion

2nd course:

Watermelon foam salad

3rd course: 

Duck, red wine chocolate sauce, miso onion puree, carrot puree, burnt onion ash

4th course:

Salmon Avocado maki roll with cream cheese

5th Course:

Kimchi bacon and parmesan ramen noodles

6th Course:

Fresh Berries, miso caramel sauce and honey whipped cream and fall spice

*Reservations available fridays and Saturdays only


Contact information:


Instagram: larsthecook_

Phone: 519-365-6478